I failed to post a shot today of my outfit. So this will have to do. Jcrew oxford cloth button down in pink, paired with an Abercrombie and Fitch tie, barely seen under the pea coat is a Ralph Lauren shawl collar cardigan sweater from his Rugby line.

The pea coat has a story as many of my clothes do. My wife and my’s first trip together, three months after we started dating, was to San Francisco. I was going out for MacWorld and I invited her along. This was about 14 years ago. At the Old Navy store on Mission Street, in the clearance section on the second floor, I found this pea coat mostly by itself in the rack. Incredibly warm and well-made for being Old Navy. Heavy wool and selvedge taped seams. Even more so, it only cost $10 on clearance. Sometimes, I encounter a clothing item that is at too right of a place at too right of a time at too right of a price. By “too”, I mean it seems too coincidental. Instead, it seems like destiny. Like, this coat at this moment on this trip was meant for me and only me.

That’s how I feel about my wife too. Like we found each other at too right of a time in too right of a place. That destiny is the only possible explanation. That is why I’ll keep this $10 pea coat until I die.

And, that’s why I’ll be with Bethany until I die too.

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