No fancy outfit post today because sometimes things happen.

What happened? Glad you asked!

Today I went on a research day trip to Waterloo, IA and had planned to wear this beautiful Scottish hand knitted sweater that is full of shaggy/comfy texture and warmth.

Originally, this morning, I had pared it with a plain white dress shirt that also had a bit of textured weave and a chunky purple paisley bow tie. Then, after actually trying that combo on I felt it seemed a bit too “choir boy” for the environment I was heading into so I took that off and threw on a lightweight flannel to pair with it instead. It seems more Iowa to me than the first attempt.

Well, by the time I got down to Iowa and took off my coat a few sniffs told me I should have gone with the Plan A as it turned out one of the cats had gotten pissed off while I was in NYC this past weekend and decided to inform me of this displeasure by, um, “spraying” my favorite flannel shirt. Gah! Luckily, I had a plastic bag in the car and was wearing a t-shirt underneath so I could take off the flannel, toss it in the bag, tie it up, and put it in the trunk. Thus, you only get this selfie of me in the sweater at the end of the day looking a bit tired.

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