I came to a realization recently and I’ve reached an age where I’ve had to admit something I’ve thus far avoided… I’m very into stretch in my jeans.

Now, I must admit that I’ve always equated “stretch” in jeans with “Dad pants” so I’ve long been wary to try. As I was looking for a good travel denim, on a lark gave some stretch pairs a shot. I thought, “Well, I am a Dad so… Why not?!” As soon as I put on these J Crew 770 straight fit with “stretch on demand” I knew it would ruin me for every other pair I own. These are so comfortable. Like wearing a nice hug. You can bend and move around with such ease. I’ve never worn fleece leggings but when I hear my wife rave about their comfort this is what I imagine they must feel like. They were great for travel too as they are lighter weight than any of my other pairs.

If you’re a guy who also has hang-ups about wearing trouser with a bit of stretch, you should get over that far sooner than I have.

Whoa to Wow @whoatowow